Reading Aloud (#26): Thomas Hardy’s “I Looked Up from My Writing”

I Looked Up from My Writing I looked up from my writing,    And gave a start to see, As if rapt in my inditing,    The moon’s full gaze on me. Her meditative misty head    Was spectral in its…

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Ireland’s Abortion Laws Treat Women Like Criminals Says New Report

Ireland hides behind a pathetic commitment to a morality guided by religion and traditionalism. There really needs to be change on this immediately. The accounts that I’ve heard this morning on Newstalk radio are heartbreaking.


Ireland’s restrictive abortion regime puts women in danger and treats them like criminals if they need to terminate a pregnancy, according to a new report published by Amnesty International on Tuesday.

Since 1983, Irish law has priotitized the life of the foetus over the mother, banning abortion in all but the most extreme circumstances and forcing thousands of women to leave the country in search of medical treatement.

Amnesty believes that Ireland’s abortion laws violates the fundamental human rights of women and girls, including their right to life, freedom from discrimination and freedom from torture and cruel or degrading treatment.

Colm O’Gorman, the CEO of Amnesty International Ireland says Irish law has to change to bring it into line with other developed countries. “We need to decrimalize abortion in Ireland … Any woman or girl in Ireland who accesses an abortion outside of the very narrow legal framework can face…

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Jim Norton: Trevor Noah Isn’t the Problem. You Are.


People say that Americans trends are transient, but the one activity we never seem to tire of is being outraged. Boy, do we love it! We simply can’t seem to get enough of that rush we feel when something offends us. It’s like the dopamine drip we get from that first drink or the first drag of a cigarette after getting off a cross-country flight. And what is our favorite thing to be outraged over? Well, it’s certainly nothing petty, like homelessness, or the fact that every single person we elect to public office is a manipulative, groveling, poll-obsessed liar. Nope. We’re not stupid enough to waste our energy on such nonsense. We save our collective outrage for the really important stuff, like things comedians say.

Which brings us, of course, to Trevor Noah, our guest star on this week’s edition of Manufactured Outrage. When Comedy Central named Trevor as…

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